Italy became a nation-state belatedly - in 1861 when the city-states of the peninsula and Sicily were united under King Victor EMMANUEL. The Fascist dictatorship of Benito MUSSOLINI that took over after World War I led to a disastrous alliance with Nazi Germany and Italian defeat in World War II. Revival followed. Italy was a charter member of NATO and the European Economic Community (EEC) and joined the growing political and economic unification of Western Europe, including the introduction of the euro in 1999. Persistent problems include illegal immigration, the ravages of organized crime, corruption, high unemployment, and the low incomes and technical standards of southern Italy compared with the more prosperous north. - U.S. CIA World Factbook

Semincingolato Breda Tipo 61
Semincingolato Breda Tipo 61

The Breda 61 was a license produced bersion of the German Krauss-Maffei KM m 11 half-track fitted with a right hand drive. It weighed 8 tons and was powered by a 140hp Breda gasoline engine.

"Corazzati Italiani 1939 - 45" by Benedetto Pafi and "Historic Military Vehicles Directory" by Bart Vanderveen, states that there was a study to use the Breda 61 half-track to take advantage of its cross country capabilities as a mobile anti-tank vehicle mounting either a 75/46 or 90/53 mm gun mounted on the rear deck. Part of the requirement was 360 degree traverse so it had the ability to shoot not only to the front but also from the sides and rear of the vehicle too.

Semicingolato Fiat 727---Semicingolato Fiat 727---Semicingolato Fiat 727
Semicingolato Fiat 727

Fiat's 1941 venture into the world of half-tracks. After consulting with German firms it was decided to attempt this model. The prototype appeared in June 1943 with manufactured delivery to be early 1944. The weight was 3 tons with a top speed of 53kph.

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Fiat Dovunque 41

Derived from the Fiat 612 Dovunque tandem axle military truck. The Dovunque 41 was not quite a true half track but rather utilized an auxiliary track system fitted over the rear sets of wheels to improve off road mobility (see the US Chase Track System in the American section for more details on this type of track). Top speed was 50kph carrying a 5 ton load.

Fiat Model 42 Light Desert Truck
Fiat Model 42 Light Desert Truck

Used extensively by armored units in North Africa. Exact numbers manufactured are unknown.

Seen here, the vehicle is demonstrated to Mussolini near Naples in August 1936. The vehicle is climbing a bank over it's own bridge.
CV33 Carro Gettaponte

The Italian CV33 Carro Gettaponte was a successful bridge laying variant produced in small numbers.

Fiat Model AS 37 4x4 Light Desert Truck---Fiat Model AS 37 4x4 Light Desert Truck---Camionetta Desertica AS 37---Fiat Model AS 37 4x4 Light Desert Truck CV33/35 loading ramps.
Fiat Model AS 37 4x4 Light Desert Truck

Used as a support vehicle (command and personnel) within armored units. Equipped with a 57hp 4 cylinder motor, the truck had a top speed of 38 kph. A variant, the Camionetta Desertica AS 37 was the vehicle that the experimental Carro Protetto AS 37 was based on.



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