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 Frank Heiland, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics, Dept. of Economics, School of Computational Science, and

  Center for Demography and Population Health








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Family Economics and Demography


Child Health and Development


·        "Should We Get Married? Marital Benefits for Children Born to Cohabiting Parents." With Shirley H. Liu (version accepted at Economic Inquiry).


Working paper version containing Technical Appendix.


(earlier version available as Center for Research on Child Wellbeing Working Paper #2007-22-FF, Princeton University).


·        "Risk Factors for Discontinuing Drug Therapy Among Children with ADHD," (2008). With Farasat Bokhari, Peter Levine, and Thomas Ray. Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 8(3).


·        "New Estimates on the Effect of Parental Separation on Child Health," (2007). With Shirley H. Liu. (article forthcoming in Causal Analysis in Population Studies, edited by H. Engelhardt, H.P. Kohler, and A. Prskawetz, Physica Verlag (Springer) to appear in 2008).


·        "Is Early Maternal Labor Supply Harmful for Child Cognitive Development?" (revise and resubmit at Economics Letters).


·        "A Dynamic Analysis of the Effect of Women’s Labor Supply and Fertility Decisions on their Children’s Cognitive Development."


·        "Does the Birth Order Affect the Cognitive Development of a Child?" (forthcoming in Applied Economics).


·        "Family Structure and Well-Being of Out-of-Wedlock Children: The Significance of the Biological Parents' Relationship," (2006). With Shirley H. Liu. (Demographic Research, 15, 61-104, also Center for Research on Child Wellbeing Working Paper #2006-21-FF, Princeton University).


·        "A Dynamic Analysis of the Effect of Women’s Fertility and Employment Decisions on Child Development," (2002). In: Proceedings of the 2002 North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society: Labor Economics and Applied Econometrics, edited by David K. Levine, William Zame, Anne Case, Raquel Fernandez, John Rust, and Ken Wolpin.





·        "Do More Educated Individuals Prefer Smaller Families?" With Alexia Prskawetz and Warren Sanderson.


(earlier version published as Vienna Institute of Demography Working Paper 03/2005)


·        "Are Individuals’ Desired Family Sizes Stable? Evidence from West German Panel Data," (2008). With Alexia Prskawetz and Warren Sanderson. European Journal of Population, 24(2), 129-156.


·        "Female Life-Cycle Fertility, Demand for Higher Education, and Desired Family Size in Post-Transitional Societies: Theory and Evidence from West Germany." With Alexia Prskawetz.


·        "Measuring the Value of Children by Birth Order and Infant Health"




Labor Economics


Social Security and Retirement


·        "Early Claiming of Social Security Benefits and Labor Supply Behavior of Older Americans." With Hugo Benitez-Silva. (forthcoming in Applied Economics, iFirst Online January 2008).


·        "A Dynamic Model of Retirement and Social Security Reform Expectations: A Solution to the New Early Retirement Puzzle," (2008). With Hugo Benitez-Silva, Debra S. Dwyer, and Warren Sanderson. (revised version requested at Economic Journal).


·        "The Social Security Earnings Test and Work Incentives." With Hugo Benitez-Silva, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2007, 26(3), 527-555.


(earlier version as Word document)



Labor Mobility


·        "The Effect of (Forced) Wage Equalization on Labor Mobility: Evidence from East-West German Migration"


·        "The Dynamic Determinants of East-West German Labor Force Migration after the Fall of the Wall"


·        "Trends in East-West German Migration From 1989 to 2002," (2004) Demographic Research, 11, 173-194.


(I was quoted based on this article in a NY Times article by Kevin O’Brien on the effects of East-West migration on the East German housing market.)


·        "The Collapse of the Berlin Wall – Simulating State-Level East to West German Migration Patterns," (2003). In: Agent-Based Computational Demography, edited by F. Billari and A. Prskawetz, Physica Verlag (Springer), 73-93.



Family-Friendly Benefits and Policies


·        "Diversity in Family and Medical Leave Policy: A Comparison of Federal and State Legislation from 1972 to 2005". With John Stutts.


(accompanying legislative database available upon request)


·        "Do Family-Friendly Firms Perform Better?" with David A. Macpherson



Housing Wealth


·        "How Well do Individuals Predict the Selling Prices of their Homes?" With Hugo Benítez-Silva, Selçuk Eren, and Sergi Jimenez-Martin.



Economics of Obesity and Risky Behavior


·        "Race, Obesity, and the Puzzle of Gender Specificity," (2008). With Mary Burke.


·        "Racial disparities in obesity among women: biology, social norms, and the puzzle of gender specificity." With Mary Burke.


·        "Social Dynamics of Obesity," (2007). With Mary Burke. Economic Inquiry, 45(3), 571-591.


(earlier versions published as Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Policy Discussion Working Paper and Brookings Institute Working Paper)


(Quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s

ECONOBLOG on Cheap Food, Societal Norms

And the Economics of Obesity, 8/25/2006.)


·        "The Strength of Social Interactions and Obesity among Women," (2006). With Mary Burke.


Version published in Agent-Based Computational Modelling, F. Billari, T. Fent, A. Prskawetz, and J. Scheffran (eds.)


Extended working paper version


·        "Economics of Drug Addiction," (November 2005) with Simon Bowmaker, in: Economics Uncut: A Complete Guide to Life, Death, and Misadventure, edited by S. W. Bowmaker, UK: Edward Elgar.






Frank Heiland, Ph.D.

Department of Economics

Florida State University

Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2180

Phone: (850) 644-7083

Fax: (850) 644-4535

E-mail: fheiland@fsu.edu

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