Sites of Special Interests

I. Sites of Chinese Government

Chinese Government
Link Provincial Governments of China
Link The State Council
Link Info about the People's Congress
Link Info about the Political Consultative Conference

II. Lists of Study Abroad Programs

Link's Listing of Study Abroad Chinese Language Schools
Link Harvard U.'s Links to Study Chinese Abroad Programs
University of Minnesota's Search Site for Study Abroad Programs
Link ACC
The ACC is a study-abroad program administered by the East Asian languages and literature program at Hamilton in conjunction with Williams and Oberlin colleges. It provides for the study of Chinese language and culture, either in the summer or in the fall, at the Capital University of Economy and Trade in Beijing.
Study abroad and work abroad with Council on International Educational Exchange. CIEE offers international work programs, study abroad and volunteer projects for students, faculty, graduates and professionals. Let CIEE help you choose your international experience
Link GET
CET Academic Programs, formerly China Education Tours (hence the "CET" acronym), is a private organization based in Washington, DC, that has been designing and administering educational programs for over 20 years. CET Academic Programs is well-known for its innovations in the field of study abroad. Its programs specialize in integrating students into the society in which they are living. Each program is a model in student-centered learning, in which students are constantly challenged to contextualize their studies within the society that surrounds them. CET Academic Programs currently offers intensive study abroad programs in China, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Italy, and France
Link IUP
IUP is the premier U.S.-sponsored Chinese language program intended for students who aspire to truly advanced competence, whether they be undergraduates, graduates, professionals, or established scholars. IUP's mission is to raise students' Chinese language proficiency to a level at which they can function independently in professional or academic careers. Recent IUP graduates who have chosen to pursue careers in China have proven that their IUP-acquired linguistic skills have enabled them to function successfully in such areas as business consulting, management, public relations, law, education and journalism. Prerequisites for admission include the equivalent of two academic years of college-level Mandarin.
Escape Artist's Links to ESL and Bilingual Jobs in Asia
Link Learning Chinese Online
Link Teaching English in China

III. Sites of Cultural Interests

Link China the Beautiful
Link Chinese Culture Information Net
Link Chinese Culture Net
Ohio SU's Recourse Center for Studies of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
Link Chinese Film Archive

IV. Chinese Business Sites

Link Sohu Shangcheng
Link Xinlang Shangcheng
Link Wangyu Shangcheng
Link CShopping
Link Alibaba