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Professor Roche is one of the most senior members of the Department of Fine Arts. He is a prolific artist and writer.

Outsider Art Archives

Jim Roche writes: "I once found a body of work, done by a homeless person  somewhere on  the road, done during a time of stress - we know because of what was  written on it. I found this work, ink drawings on cardboard, in the  middle of an intersection; it was strewn all over everywhere. The work  had been carried in a bundle, maybe the guy got hit, the packet itself  had just been hit and slammed all over. We asked around for a long time,  but never could find anyone who knew anything about it. Anonymous,  make-do work, unsigned, unsung."

Below is a list of different artists features in an exhibition titled UNSIGNED, UNSUNG ... WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN held at the Florida State University Gallery & Museum February 5 to March 7, 1993.

BMW Riding Center

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