Welcome to the exclusive site for Morgan Yacht owners. This site is maintained for the benefit of all Morgan boat owners who would like to have their boat pictures or personal web sites published. To have your boat name, picture or web site published please send an e-mail with pertinent information to Ken's e-mail. survey

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I am collecting any and all technical information on all Morgan boats. I will post these on a new page in hopes of giving current and probable owners information for which I have been asked many times. So, if you are in possession of any technical information from drawings to spec sheets to where to find old parts or upgrades you have made that may be of use to others please send them. 

TIP: Keep your engine room clean! Vacuum it regularly! That stuff in the bilge that looks like sludge? Some of It is dirt that finds its way into the bilge. Paint your engine room deck white! Keep it clean! 

Just a note on maintaining your engine: As we all know engines in boats tend to rust, especially if you don't keep up with it. Well, I have discovered a product called Plastic Cote - Rust Converter. This is a two part product however; the best thing is that one of the parts is rust. So, if you have a somewhat rusty engine or areas simply wire brush the rust, wipe it off with a dry rag and apply the rust converter. Wait about an hour or two for it to dry and harden. It will turn blackish. You will find that it has turned to an almost epoxy feel. Now just give it a day to dry and paint it and your troubles are solved. 

As of September 7th we left Brunswick Landing Marina in Brunswick, GA. This was done because of the tax man in Brunswick wanting to value our boat for ad-valorem taxes purposes. I crossed that bridge in North Carolina whereby they took me to the cleaners. We moved to Jacksonville, FL and are now settled into the Ortega River Landing Marina on the Ortega River. This is a great place! If you are looking for a great marina look no further. And if you are military or retired military they have a rate for you!

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Cruising Stories about us

2000 - Our first cruise

2001 - Another Bahamas cruise

2002 - The African Adventure  

2003 - The next cruise... Delayed to rebuild cruising kitty...

2004 - Still in Carrabelle, Fl... We are finishing up some required work!  Hoping to leave for the Chesapeake Bay in April.

2005 - Leaving Carrabelle, February 2005 finally leaving for the Chesapeake Bay...

2006 - The Refit -  continued in 2007...

2007 - The refit continues...  possible launch times are Spring or Fall of 2008...

2008 - The refit continues... will it never end?

2009 - Finally, back in the water. We moved the boat from New Bern, NC and arrived in Brunswick, GA on October 1st. Plans are to stay         until January or February and then cruise to the Bahamas or Keys. Not sure yet which. I'm still working our several problems that cropped up on the trip down. 

2010 Left Brunswick, Ga marina for the keys at the end of February. Arrived in Lower Islamarada on March5th. Cruised around the keys including the Dry Tortugas and returned to Brunswick in May. In September we moved the boat to Jacksonville, Fl on the Trout River just North of the city as once again the tax man was making a play.

2011 We now are docked in the Ortega River just South of Jacksonville, Fl. This is an ideal location for hurricane season as it is just off the St. Johns River. The marina, Ortega River Landing is great offering floating concrete dock, pool, Jacuzzi and free washer/dryers. The location is within walking distance to grocery store, restaurants, West Marine and many other amenities. Discounts are also available to retired and active duty military. Current plans are to take the boat back to the keys in October/November of this year and stay there until hurricane season.

2012 It is now January and we are still in Jacksonville. As plans always go, so went ours. Seems a water tank sprang a leak and the generator was on the fritz. So, now with the generator fixed and water tank repaired Im hoping to leave around February 22nd or thereabouts.

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Sun Seeker configurations

1977 Morgan 41 O/I Ketch with sta'sl. Powered by a Perkins 4-108. A 3.5kw NextGen with enclosure was installed in April 2005. Upgrades include a 2500 watt Heart inverter/charger, Heart Link 2000-R, Balmar 100 amp alternator, Paneltronics electrical panel, 4 golf cart batteries + 1 G27 starting battery (charged through the West battery combiner), four 75 watt Siemans solar panels mounted on an aluminum arch, Air X wind generator, all new cushions (V-berth, settee, cockpit), new sole throughout the boat (  in teak & holly plywood/veneer), Pur 80 water maker, new sail covers, belaying pins. For a detailed list click config.

4/2008: I am replacing all batteries, inverter/charger and link 2000-R with new units. I hope to have them in place in May. The old Link works fine but is not compatible with new inverter/charger. The charger went south so rather than pay for high shipping costs and unknown repairs I opted to purchase a new on since they give "old" (not age) customers a pretty decent discount. Xantrex is a pretty good company to do business with. I'm still scratching my head as to why the charger stopped working as it worked fine in November when I left and the boat was totally unplugged! Hmmmmm...


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Articles and stories...

On January 7th, 1999 at 20:00 approximately 4 miles from Longboat Key, just off the coast of Sarasota, Florida I was boarded by the U. S. Coast Guard. If you'd like to know the details then select here

The Unsinkable Charlie Morgan, an article in September 2002 Southwinds magazine. With permission from Steve Morrell, editor.

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Morgan download diagrams & other info...

Polar chart

O/I 415 diagram

Morgan 462 original specs TOC, FORWARD, SPECS 1, 2

Perkins 4-108: Manual (.815mb), Workshop Manual (8.85mb), Parts Book (3.5mb), Wiring Diagram

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Other Morgan sites of interest

s/v Sun Seeker (1977 414) Owners Ken & Marie Klein of Crawfordville, Florida Here are photos of our belaying pins and arch. This is us on the beach Jan. 19th 2002 at Dog Island, Fl. 

Tommy Solomon Yacht Repair& Restoration has photo detail of a 1967 Morgan 30 restoration project

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