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General Information

Here is a picture of the cover of one of Ed's books. He wrote a number of books.

This is a shot from the book Nightmare of Ecstasy of Bela Lugosi's funeral. Ed is in the upper right.

Thanks to M. Hannah, this is a frame from the opening of Ed's most well known film. And the poster from Bride of the Monster.

 I have a real, professional horoscope reading on our friend, Eddie! You can click here to take a look.

Hey!  Look at this!  Here is a picture of Criswell's grave!  Thanks Colin!

Here is a brief remembrance of Criswell from Vern Koenig.  He knew Criswell through his father who worked with him.  Thanks Vern!


Ed Wood News

Vampira passed away. Here is a link to her story on Wikipedia..

Big news fans!  A new colorized version of Plan 9 is being releansed.  Come on!!!  You know Ed would have loved having it in color.  Here is what the producer has to say about it:
Plan 9 From Outer Space
In Color
Exclusive Mike Nelson Autographed Collector’s Edition
Available Now!

The much anticipated pre-release of Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 From Outer Space” in color for the first time is now available now. Legend Films has given this film the most extensive restoration to date, plus they have added tons of rare and hilarious bonus features including an audio commentary from Mike Nelson of “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Special bonus features include never-before-seen Ed Wood home movies, bizarre Ed Wood commercials and the astonishing Plans 1-8. Plus, this limited edition pre-release DVD is individually autographed by Mike Nelson. As an extra bonus, we’ve included a nifty limited edition alien air freshener, “Alien Fresh.” 

Order now! There are limited quantities of this exclusive DVD. The Legend
Films’ exclusive pre-release DVD is only available on their website. Orders will begin shipping on December 15, 2005. Go to www.legendfilms.net and order your copy today!

Price: $19.95


Ed Wood’s cult classic has been hailed as the worst film of all time, but it’s one of the most hilariously entertaining movies you’ll ever see. Aliens from outer space reanimate Earth’s dead in an attempt to save the human race. Will their 9th plan work? With string-powered flying saucers, laughable dialogue, shrewd alien logic, and “priceless” special effects, they can’t go wrong. Or can they? (Hint: They do.) Plan 9 is a movie so beautifully bad, it’s great.

Special Features:

Look at the poster:  Plan 9 in Color!!

John Matrulla, owner of Collectorzone reports that Garland Hewlett's new version of "Brain Robbers From Outerspace" has just been released on a 2 DVD set.  The set is available from COLLECTORZZONE.20M.COM for $30.00 including shipping in the US and $40.00 elsewhere. 

Congratulations Garland!!!

Well, it seems like there is a veritable flood of Ed Wood related news all of a sudden.  First we have the release of the movie "Ed Wood" on dvd.  Good , good.  But now we have some earth shattering news.  We are all now able to get the XXX version of Necromania!!!  This is big.  Thanks to Rudolph Grey who found a copy of it and Fleshbot (internet site covering the skin industry) who is releasing it we can finally see a bit more of Ed's work.  Check out this article from none other than The New Yorker!!!

UPDATE:  From the director of Brain Robbers from Outer Space, Garland Hewlett...
"I wrote the script and produced & directed it. I started the script in 1993 after meeting my friend Conrad Brooks. We began shooting in the summer of 1994. Conrad shot with us for a week in Brandon and Tampa that August and returned in August of '95 to finish his scenes. I continued to shoot off and on until the principal photography was finished in 2001. Currently I am raising the money for the digital editing equipment to reduce my 30 hours of raw footage down to a managable 90 minutes. I hope begin the actual editing this year, early 2003 at the absolute latest. Originally I was supposed to have gotten the equipment  to begin editing in April of this year, but a car accident derailed our finances temporarily. Yes, this is a nickel and dime production!!!
Yes, Conrad is the only original cast member from Ed's PLAN NINE, but there are a number of other interesting people who will appear in the finished product, including Dave "The Rock" Nelson (CONRAD BROOKS VS THE WEREWOLF) and Grady "Lobster Boy" Stilles, III. Grady was the son of the infamous carnival freak Lobster Boy who was the subject of an E-HOLLYWOOD TRUE STORY and and A&E episode of CITY CONFIDENTIAL. By the way, Grady also stars as "Gore"  in Conrad Brook's recently released video JAN GEL: RETURN OF THE BEAST. I shot much of JAN GEL for Conrad and also appear as "Captain Garland" (go to http:www.crazedfanboy.com/nolansnewsstand02/laflapcr101.html for a review of this video). Also featured in BRAIN ROBBERS is cult movie actor Joel D. Wynkoop (CREEP, DIRTY COP, SCREAMING FOR SANITY, FALL OF AN ACTOR, ROT), Lara Stewart (SCREAMING FOR SANITY, FALL OF AN ACTOR) and Joseph Miller (THE CREEPING UNKNOWN, EDWARD SCISSORHANDs, JAN GEL: RETURN OF THE BEAST). Make up effects are by Marcus Koch who directed the punk horror video ROT. The theme song is by the punk group Boney Fiend and appears on one of their CD's  and the rest of the sountrack music is by the dark ambient group Yen Pox (BLOOD MUSIC). There will also be a brief sampled video appearance of Dr. Timothy Leary courtesy of his personal videographer from their video HOW TO OPERATE YOUR BRAIN with my additional thanx to his stepson Zack Leary."


Here is a link to a new group site about Criswell:

Thanks Lee

The sequel to Plan 9 has been filmed and is due out this year.  Conrad Brooks is the only person from the original film that is involved in the effort. The movie was filmed in Tampa, Florida on an even smaller budget than the original!  They're calling it Brain Robbers From Outer Space. Here is the poster!

 Charles W. Henson sent in this nice bio of Conrad Brooks. Thanks Charles!


 Just thought you might like to know that this site was mentioned in Mac World Online in the "Rumors" column. See if you can find the reference in the article!

"Cinequanon Pictures International Inc. is a film distribution company currently responsible for representing Edward D. Wood Jr.'s last script "I Woke Up Early The Day I Died", a personal favorite of his. The film is currently in pre-production and has aroused a lot of interest from Hollywood, including Billy Zane who is set to take the starring role. As we feel this film is in essence an homage to Ed Wood, we thought it would be a great idea for Ed Wood fans all over the world to have access to the developments of this movie."

Above is a message from Joseph Ammendolia at Cinequanon Pictures International, Inc. You will find "I Woke Up Early the Day I Died" in the coming soon section.

 I have just heard that there are a number of "name" stars signed on to this project. Look for more on it soon. (L.F.)

 "The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr." is had its midwest premier at the 11th Annual 24 Hour Ohio Science Fiction Marathon. Read about it here.


John ``Bunny'' Breckinridge died Tuesday, November 5th, 1996. He was 94. You can read his obituary from the San Francisco Chronicle.

 The Quality Paperback Book Club has published new editions of Ed's novels, Death of a Transvestite," and "Devil Girls." Their phone number is: 1-800-348-7128.

 In the biggest Ed Wood news of the past year, the film, "The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr." has been released by Wood-Thomas pictures. It has been making the rounds of the film festivals and includes a finished version of "Crossroad Avenger." Look for it on video if it does not get picked up by a distributor soon.


Johnny Depp, who played Ed Wood in the Touchstone film of the same name, just bought Bela Lugosi's former home from divorce attorney, Marvin Mitchelson. That house is known as "The Castle." Depp payed $2.3 million for it.


I want to make it clear that much of the information in these pages comes from Rudolph Grey's wonderful book about Ed Wood. It is titled, Nightmare of Ecstasy: The life and Art of Edward D. Wood , Jr. It is published by Feral House at P.O. Box 34 66, Portland, OR 97208. It is a good read and finally gives a thorough and hysterical look at Mr. Wood. I cannot recommend it more highly.  Check out Feral House.

Other, brief filmography entries (movies not directed by Ed Wood but in which he acted, wrote, or produced) come to us from our Swedish friends, Stefan NylÈn and Måns? Måns is a very serious fan of Eddie's and has written a 400 page manuscript about him. Thank you Stefan and Måns! They also want to mention that Sweden has its own "bad" director, Jan Olof Rydqvist.


The information on purchasing video tapes of the movies was provided by Richard Velez.
Video Tape Sources:
Rhino Records and Video, (800)432-0020,
Sinister Cinema, (503)773-6860
Admit One, (416)463-5714
Movies Unlimited, (800)523-0823, (215)722-8298
Something Weird Video in Seattle now has a web site.
Essential Media sells copies of "Necromania" and "Nightmare of Ecstasy"




Produced by Crawford John Thomas
Written and Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.



Empire Productions/W.D.B.C. Prod., Inc., 20 minutes
Written, Directed and Produced by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: Angela Stevens, Tom Keene, Phyllis Coates



United Artists (!) , 60 minutes
Directed by Yakima Canutt
Screenplay by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: Johnny Carpenter, Frankie Darro, Douglas Dumbrille, Frank Carpenter, Noel Niell, Kenne Duncan, Bud Osborne, and Bill Coontz.



A Screen Classics Release, 67 minutes
Written and Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Produced by George Weiss
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Dolores Fuller, Tim Farrell, Lyle Talbot, Daniel Davis (a pseudonym for Ed Wood) Charles Crafts, Tommy Haynes, Captain DeZita, Evelyn Wood, Shirley Speril, Conrad Brooks, Henry Bederski, William C. Thompson, Mr. Walter, Harry Thomas.

This is, in my opinion, Ed Wood's most amazing movie. If you have only seen "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and were not overly impressed, please find a copy of "Glen or Glenda." Scenes from it a recreated faithfully in the Tim Burton film but you really should see the whole thing. It amazes me that the message of the movie, which is to love and accept people who are different from you (sexually different) is nearly 40 years ahead of its time. And, on top of that, it has dialog, spoken brilliantly by Bela Lugosi, that has never been equaled on screen. You will want to rush out and buy angora sweaters.

Glen or Glenda is available from:
Rhino $9.99 R3 2209

Note: I recommend that you avoid the Bizarre Video edition of the video of "Glen or Glenda." It is too dark to see and my copy ended about 5 minutes into the "2nd" case study.



Tucson Kid Productions, 25 minutes
Written and Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Produced by Lew Dubin
Cast: Tom Keene, Tom Tyler, Lyle Talbot, Don Nagel, Harvey Dunn, Forbes Murray, Kenne Duncan, Bud Osborne, and Ed Wood, Jr.

This was a television pilot.


There is talk that this will re released in conjunction with a new video about Eddie!

Crossroad Avenger is available from:
Sinister Cinema



Tucson Kid Productions, 25 minutes, Written and Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.



Howco Productions, 72 minutes
Produced and Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Screenplay by Alex Gordon and Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: Lyle Talbot, Dolores Fuller, Steve Reeves, Herbert Rawlinson, Theodora Thurman, Clancy Malone, Timothy Farrell, John Robert Martin, Cotton Watts and Chick, Bud Osborne, Mona McKinnon, Don Nagel, La Vada Simmons, Regina Claire, John Avery, Edward D.

This is Ed Wood's film noir. It is very noir and pretty darned boring too. When the film was first released a vaudeville blackface show replaced a strip act. (Ed was always looking to put his striptease artist friends in his films.) The original strip sequence was put back into the movie for the video release.

Jail Bait is available from:
Rhino $9.99 R3 2178



A Rolling M Production/Banner Productions Release, 68 minutes.
Produced, written, and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Tony McCoy, Loretta King, Harvey Dunne, George Becwar, Paul Marco, Don Nagel, Bud Osborne, Jake Warren, Anne Wilner, Dolores Fuller, William Benedict, Ben Frommer, and Conrad Brooks.

Bride of the Monster is available from:
Admit 1 AF109V $14.99
M. Unl. 104006V $19.99
Sinister S038V $16.95
PLAN 10 is a new source for lobby cards for BRIDE OF THE MONSTER.

A site that ranks BRIDE OF THE MONSTER as the best(?) sleazo(?) movie of all time is "Madame Falbeaux's Cinema Mystique". It is an interesting and fun site.



A Headliner Production Picture. Produced by Del Productions, 58 min.
Screenplay by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: Jean Moorehead, Barbara Weeks, Arthur Millan, Theresa Hancock, Joanne Cangi, Gloria Farr, Glen Corbett, Lee Constant, Stanford Jolley, Timothy Farrell, Bruno Metsa, Harry Keaton.

This is a story of "girls gone wrong" which was a popular exploitation theme in the 1950's and later.

Charles Beesley writing in The Pyschotronic Encyclopedia of Film (by Michael Weldon, Ballantine Books, 1983) says that the key phrase in the movie is, "So what."

There is a 1950's rape scene in this movie. The twist is that the girl gang rapes the innocent boy! Ed didn't direct this one so the film looks okay. Especially memorable is the leader of the gang unbuttoning her June Cleaver shirtwaist dress as she prepares to molest the victim.

The Violent Years is available from:
Rhino R3-2404 $9.99 (Teenage Theater Series) *
M. Unl. 155045V $14.99
Admit 1 AF131V $14.99



A D.C.A. Release, 79 minutes.
Produced, written, and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: Tor Johnson, Vampira, Tom Keene, Gregory Walcott, Dudley Manlove, Mona McKinnon, Duke Moore, Joanna Lee, Bela Lugosi, John "Bunny" Breckenridge, Lyle Talbot, Criswell, Carl Anthony, Paul Marco, Norma McCarty, David DeMering, Bill Ash Conrad Brooks, Gloria Dea, Ben Frommer, J. Edward Reynolds, Hugh Thomas, Tom Mason. Rev. Lyn Lemon, Don Davis, Karl Johnson, Dick Cheney, Edward D. Wood, Jr.

What else is there to say about this movie? If you have never watched it, try to look at the whole thing. It is a testament to low budgets and Ed Wood's vision of what made a movie work.

One of my favorite things about Plan 9 is the appearance of Bunny Breckenridge. Bunny was a drag queen who performed in stage revues in Paris. I think that Ed Wood hoped that Bunny would get the sex change operation that he was always planning and Ed could finally make the sex change movie that he had wanted Glen or Glenda to be. I must say that as wonderful as Martin Landau was in the Tim Burton movie, Bill Murray as Bunny was my favorite character. I am sure that the real Bunny was even more outrageous.

Criswell was a regular in the Wood entourage. Here is a nice addition by way of a fan who found the accompanying image and material in Criswell Predicts!.

"The illustration by Lewis Schilling, Jr. depicts the Lady of Light, the complex messiah that Criswell predicted (in 1968) would transform Asia and eventually introduce a new matriarchy throughout the world.
'Men will be placed in slavery and bondage and she will elevate woman to the highest position ever known. ...Men will be mere puppets to the female members of their families,' he wrote.
Despite this, Criswell predicted 'Everyone will be treated kindly, equally and with interest and respect.' "

Plan 9 from Outer Space is available from
Rhino $9.99 R2 2173*



Atomic Production, 20 minutes
Produced, written, and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: James "Duke" Moore, Dudley Manlove, Jenny Stevens

Rudolph Grey, in "Nightmare of Ecstasy," says that this pilot horror film was one of Ed Wood's favorites.



Atomic Productions, 22 minutes
Produced, written, and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.



Al Allied Artists Release, 78 minutes
Produced and directed by Adrian Weiss
Screenplay by Edward D. Wood, Jr., from a story by Adrian Weiss

The lead in this movie, Charlotte Austin, realizes, on her wedding night, that she was the queen of the gorillas in a previous life. Isn't that a great plot line? I am sure that Ed Wood read the story and really ran with it. Gorillas and sex in one story!



Produced, written, and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Atomic Productions, Crown International TV, 69 minutes
Cast: Kenne Duncan, Duke Moore, Valda Hansen, Tor Johnson, John Carpenter, Paul Marco, Don Nagel, Jeannie Stevens, Bud Osborne Harvey B. Dunne, Thomas R. Mason, Marcelle Hemphill, Clay Stone, Margaret Mason, Henry Bederski, James La Maida, Tony Cardoza, J ohn Gautieri, Karen Hairston, Karl Johnson, Leonard Barnes, Frank Barbarick, Francis Misitano, David De Mering, and Criswell.

This is sort of a sequel to Plan 9. (Leonard Maltin and others say that this is the sequel to the Bride of the Monster. I am not really sure about that. You can judge for yourself.) Criswell has another wonderful speech (although maybe not as go od as the one in Plan 9) and gets to play against a phony medium (Criswell is authentic).

Night of the Ghouls is available from:
Rhino R3-1965 $9.99 (Elvira Series)
Sinister H105V $16.95
M. Unl. 688315V $14.99



Produced, written, and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Headliner Productions, 75 minutes
Cast: Kenne Duncan, James "Duke" Moore, Jean Fontaine, Carl Anthony, Dino Fantini, Jeanne Willardson, Harry Keatan, Harvey B. Dunne, Kenneth Willardson, Reed Howes, Vic McGee, Nick Raymond, Conrad Brooks, and Ed Wood.

This is an exploitation film that purports to warn against pornography and sneaks in a little nudity along the way.

The Sinister Urge is available from:
Admit 1 AF130V $14.99
Sinister X070V $16.95



76 mins. Starring: Harold Lloud, Jr., Jana Lund, George Cizar. Directed by George Moskov. Screenplay by Ed Wood, using the pseudonym Nathanial Tanchuck.



Boris Petroff Productions, Arkota
Produced and directed by Boris Petroff
Screenplay by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: J. Pat O'Malley, William Schallert, Jenny Maxwell, Valerie Allen, Nan Patterson, Jack Searl.



Astra Productions, F.O.G. Distributors, 82 minutes
Produced and directed by Stephen C. Apostoloff
Screenplay by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Cast: Criswell, Pat Barringer, Fawn Silver, William Bates, Louis Ojena, John Andrews, Rod Lindeman, John Bealy, Arlene Spooner, Coleen O'Brien, Barbara Norton, Mickey Jones, Nodejda Dobrev, Dene Starnes, Texas Starr, Bunny Glaser, Rene de Beau, Stephanie Jones.

A young, middle class couple gets lost and winds up at judgment day. Here, with Criswell presiding, a whole bunch of strippers do their acts one after another. I got tired of the dancing and fast forwarded to the wonderful dialog between the nudie acts. A werewolf and mummy show up too. This is amazing.

Orgy of the Dead is available from:
Rhino $9.99 R3 5901*



80 mins. Produced and directed by Don A. Davis, based on Ed Wood's novel "Sexecutives".


80 mins. Starring: Harvey Edmundt, Robin Glanz, Jaqueline Fox. Produced and directed by Ed De Priest. Screenplay by ED WOOD, using the pseudonym Akdov Telmig.


90 mins. Starring: Ed Wood! Directed by Don Doyle.  Camera: Jacques Descent. Screenplay by Ed Wood, based on his own novel "Mama's Diary".


? mins. Produced and directed by Don A. Davis. Screenplay by Ed Wood.


aka Love Feast / Pretty Models all in a row 70 mins. Starring: Ed Wood, Linda Colpin. Produced and directed by Joseph F.Robertson. Screenplay by Ed Wood.



Ashdown-Gonzalez Productions, 80 minutes Written and Directed By Edward D. Wood, Jr. Produced By Richard Gonzales and Edward Ashdown

Cast: Donna Stanley, Michael Donovan O'Donnell, Duke Moore, Ed Wood, Nona Carver, Casey Lorrain, Linda Colpin, Monica Gayle, Emily Gray, Donna Young, Lynn Harris, Andrea Rabins, James Kitchens, Hugh Talbert, Judith Koch Phyllis Stengel, Elaine Jarrett, Linda Spheres, Lou Ojena, Jack Harding, Herb Webber.

This film is not easy to find. Something Weird Video in Seattle, ((206)361 3759), distributes a reel of out takes from "Take it Out in Trade," but not the actual movie. It is another nudie movie but is very different from "Orgy." Ed had been out of directing for ten years when he did this one. I have not seen it but Rudolph Grey reports that it has "psychedelic touches." (I am looking for this one and if anyone has it please let me know the source. L.F.)


85 mins. Starring: Rene Bond, Terri Johnson, Foreman Shane, Ric Lutze. Produced and directed by A.C. Stephen (Stephen C. Apostolof) (check out the interview on him in Psychotronic Video, number 8) Screenplay by Ed Wood and Stephen.


? mins. Starring: Rene Bond, Foreman Shane, Ric Lutze. Produced and directed by A.C. Stephen. Screenplay by Ed Wood.



Cinema Classics Production, Released by Stacey Films, 60 minutes. Written and Directed By Ed Wood.
Cast: Rene Bond, Ric Lutze, Marie Arnold, Ed Wood.

This is your basic soft core porn film but in the Ed Wood style. There is a sorceress in a spooky house giving out love potions to turn couples on. The movie originally had a few minutes of hard core (real) sex but those were cut and no one knows where t hey are today. The movie made for about $7,000.00 and was filmed in a weekend by Ed in a pink baby doll outfit.

"Necromania" is available from Something Weird Video in Seattle (206)361 3759.



Another Jaques Descent directed movie with a screenplay by Ed Wood.


80 mins. Starring: Rene Bond, Terri Johnson, Foreman Shane. Produced and directed by A.C. Stephen. Screenplay by Ed Wood and A.C.Stephen.


aka Pleasure Unlimited / Sensuous Wife / Mrs. Stone's Thing ? mins. Starring: Rene Bond, Terri Johnson, Foreman Shane, Ric Lutze and Candy Samples (also known as Mary Gavin). Produced and directed by A.C. Stephen. Screenplay by Ed Wood and A.C. Stephen.



aka Five Loose Women / Hot on the Trail (1974) 90 mins. Starring: Rene Bond, Foreman Shane, Sunny Boyd and Ed Wood (in two different parts! As the sheriff and the character named "pops"). Produced and directed by A.C. Stephen. Screenplay by Ed Wood and A.C. Stephen. Assistant director: Ed Wood!



90 mins. Starring: Foreman Shane, Wendy Cavanaugh, Rick Cassidy. Produced and directed by A.C. Stephen. Screenplay by Ed Wood and A.C. Stephen.



94 mins. Starring: Foreman Shane, Patti Kelly, Teresa Parker. Produced and directed by A.C. Stephen. Screenplay by Ed Wood. Assistant director: Ed Wood.

Ed Merchandise

Here is a supplier for t-shirts sporting pictures from Ed's movie posters and a nice pic of the man himself. Check it out.

Some of the information on purchasing video tapes of the movies was provided by Richard Velez.
Video Tape Sources:
Rhino Records and Video, (800)432-0020,
Sinister Cinema, (503)773-6860
Admit One, (416)463-5714
Movies Unlimited, (800)523-0823, (215)722-8298
Here's a link to a page for Scorched Earth Productions which sells copies of a number of Ed Wood's movies. They sell a lot of other stuff too.
Something Weird Video in Seattle now has a web site.

Essential Media sells copies of "Necromania" and "Nightmare of Ecstasy"

Video Jones sells some Woodian titles.

Ed Wood Happenings

"I Woke Up Early the Day I Died" is in movie limbo as of this writing. I don't know the whole score but can you say distribution woes?

New Orleans Worst Film Festival. Click n' see!New Orleans Worst Film Festival is sponsoring their 10th annual bad movie festival at Ben Franklin High School in New Orleans on June 10, 2000. Follow their link. NOW!!!

This fine organization named this page its site of the day!

On an unrelated note, I will add a shameless plug. (It is not endorsed by the estate of Ed Wood!) If you are interested in New Orleans and things Cajun, check out a site I designed. It is LOUISIANA LIMITED EDITIONS.