Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Great beleganjur video clips for Chapter 7 (Bali)

It's very hard to find good video examples of Balinese gamelan beleganjur performances (the main focus of Chapter 7), but having access to same will do wonders for your lectures. Posted below are excerpts from my field videos of cremation procession and beleganjur contest performances, with accompanying notes. Another great resource is this youtube example, which I am quite certain is from a melis procession, in which effigies of deities (arca, pratima) are carried in procession to a ritual bathing to the accompaniment of multiple beleganjur ensembles (see p. 80-81 of my book Music of Death and New Creation for more on melis). Close-up of a marching beleganjur group at the end of the clip is very useful.

And here's some footage from a grand royal cremation in Ubud in summer 2008.

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