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This page connects you to the teaching, research, and publishing interests of Sally Hadden, Associate Professor of History and Law at Florida State University.

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Students visiting the site for the first time should use the courses link to find the homepage of their class and become familiar with the resources available to them. All students should become familiar with the Study Aids section of the site, which contains many resources designed to help them study, take exams, and write various different kinds of papers. Some student resources are password protected and students must obtain access from Prof. Hadden.

My research interests are closely connected to my teaching. I focus on colonial and legal history, with a keen interest in the South. Currently I am conducting research on a new book project, which explores the legal cultures of 3 colonial cities (Boston, Philadelphia and Charleston). It is a study that combines cultural and social history, using a comparative approach, so it meshes several techniques of historical analysis. You can learn more about my projects using the Research link.

"The Plantation Police" by Francis H. Schell. Engraving from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newsletter, July 11, 1863. Courtesy of Library of Congress.

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For those of you wondering why this is called a "Jumpgate," I took the term from a science fiction program, Babylon 5. In that program, a jumpgate served the function of allowing the traveller to move back and forth from real space to hyperspace. Given that moving about webspace has much the same effect as travelling through real and hyperspace, it seemed an apt metaphor.

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