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The Sports Facility Reference List This list includes academic books, academic articles, commercial books, and other sports facility related references. The list will (hopefully) be updated regularly with new sources that I discover and sources that the Internet community makes me aware of.

Chapin's Top Ten List of the most useful books on sports stadia and arenas. Includes a brief description of each book to point you to those that will be of most use for your work.

Munsey and Suppes Ballpark Page The best and most comprehensive resource for current and future MLB ballparks. The section on future ballparks and the current situation in the fifteen or so cities that are building these cathedrals is especially well done. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

My Stadia Projects

As a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning I am very interested in issues surrounding the financing, economic development effects, and, in particular the location of sports facilities. The following pages represent some of the work I have done on the subject while in school. Also, feel free to take a look at my Curriculum Vitae (or CV as its known in the "business").

The Dissertation Section My current interest in sports facilities centers on their effects on the neighborhood surrounding these facilities. Most new facilities are being built in downtown areas that have long been experiencing declines in population, investment, retail options, and employment activity. These new facilities leverage their public investment based upon a promise of metropolitan economic benefits AND neighborhood level redevelopment effects. It is upon the latter that I am focusing my Dissertation. Entitled "Urban Revitalization Tools: An Assessment of Impacts of Sports Stadia at the Microarea Level", my dissertation is looking at the parcel-level effects of these facilities in four select cities; Baltimore, Cleveland, Denver, and (for a "suburban" comparison) Arlington, Texas. This section includes a copy of my dissertation proposal, some tables illustrating the magnitude of the sports facility boom, and, to be added later, some maps and charts of the results of my ongoing work.

Sports Facility Location as an Economic Development Strategy This is an abridged version of a paper I presented at the 1997 Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference in Spokane last May. The paper compares the development history and logic behind the new arenas in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. The paper was well-received, so take a look!

Why Study Stadia? Why are stadia issues important? In this brief piece I argue that very little is known concerning the location, financing, and economic development potential of new sports facilities. There is a great deal of myth surrounding these issues. In this piece I note the increase in the amount of (mostly public) money being spent on stadia, as well as an increase in the number of stadia that have been built in the past decade.

The Kingdome History The King County Multipurpose Stadium (or Kingdome) is the home of Seattle's Major League Baseball and National Football League franchises. Despite these teams interesting histories, their stories pale in comparison to that surrounding the financing and location of the Kingdome. Find out how Seattle's elites financed and constructed a new stadium, at almost 75% over budget, despite expressed wishes of the voters of King County. An interesting story indeed!

The Proposed New Century Ballpark History Seattle's proposed New Century Ballpark has an equally intriguing history behind it's approval and financing. Read how Seattlelites again voted down a stadium proposal, yet this new stadium has been financed and construction will begin in 1996. The Seattle Mariners new home will be a baseball only, retractable roof, natural grass ballpark. Likely to be located downtown next to the Kingdome, the stadium will continue the popular urban ballpark model that can be seen in Baltimore, Cleveland, and Denver today.

Some Thoughts on the Location of Sports Facilities This piece introduces the reader to some of the important literature surrounding the location of stadia. It also explores some of the issues surrounding this topic that I feel need to be researched. Specifically, what factors might be important to stadia location? Is there an optimal stadium site and, if so, how can we determine it? How should we begin to research stadia location?

Ongoing Research into Sports Facilities This is a brief listing of some of the current research projects I am working on concerning sports facilities. Some of these papers were presented at the International Symposium on Sport in the City held at the University of Memphis in November, 1996.

Links to Other Interesting Stadia-Related Home Pages

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Journals and Magazines with Stadia Related Information

Team Marketing Report, Inc. An organization that specializes in profiling the professional sports industry. TMR provides a wealth of information to individuals, corporations, and professional sports personnel on the economics of professional team sports. They sell a number of comprehensive reports on the structure of team sports, facility lease agreements, advertising trends and naming rights deals for major league sports facilities. A recommended site!!

PanStadia International The PanStadia International Quarterly Report is The "definitive journal for the Sports Facility Industry Worldwide". This site offers the table of contents for current and past issues as well as two complete articles from recent issues. PanStadia also offers a free e-mail service for one article of interest to the site visitor. An excellent site and an even better professional journal.

Financial World Magazine Each year since 1991 Financial World has analyzed the values of franchises in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. These studies illustrate the importance of these facilities to the finances of sports franchises.

Engineering News Record ENR is an excellent magazine on the construction industry. They often have updates or studies of recent sports-related projects. An excellent source for building construction students or practitioners interested in how these monuments are actually built.

Academic Studies/Papers

The Regional Renaissance Initiative The Allegheny Institute for Public Policy (in the Pittsburgh area) bills itself as "The Nations First Conservative Think Tank Devoted to Local Issues". They have put together a page that questions and critiques the argument for public spending on a sports stadium in Pittsburgh. A scathing critique (representative of the argument against public funding of sports facilities), this page offers readers a long list of articles and information arguing against the proposed public funding of a new baseball stadium in that city. A MUST SEE! (by the way the initiative failed badly!)

The Question of Financing Sports Stadiums. Economists Robert Baade and Alan Sanderson assess the Chicago Bears demands for a new sports facility from an economic perspective. This piece summarizes the "anti-stadium" argument very nicely and provides an excellent introduction to the work of Professor Baade, a noted researcher of sports facility financing in North America.

Other Heartland Institute Policy Studies. The Heartland Institute is a public policy research group that has undertaken a number of fascinating studies related to sports franchise relocation and sports facility development. A recent set of policy studies is directly related to stadium subsidies by the public sector. In particular, the input of public officials from Cleveland, Houston, and Maryland and the input of experts from academia are of interest. These policy studies provide excellent Real World examples of the intricacies of stadium development.

Sports Architecture Firms

The HOK SPORT Home Page. HOK Sport is the pre-eminent architectural firm in stadia design throughout the world. Their projects include Camden Yards in Baltimore (in my opinion the best baseball place in the world), Coors Field (Denver), and Comiskey Park (Chicago).

The HNTB Corporation Sports Architecture Firm Home Page. HNTB is another large architectural and engineering firm involved in the design and construction of sports facilities like stadia and arenas.

NBBJ Architecture Firm Home Page . NBBJ is another "big player" in the stadium design and development game. Their projects include the new baseball stadiums in Seattle and Milwaukee and the new football stadium in Cincinnati.

"Real-World" Projects

NEW!! San Diego Ballpark Project (THE VOTE IS IN NOVEMBER!)

San Diego Padres Ballpark Home Page The team's site on the proposed new Ballpark. A site that presents the "pro-stadium" argument very nicely. An EXCELLENT site for researching and seeing the full range of the pro-stadium forces.

San Diego Union Tribune (Newspaper) Ballpark Page A site with archives of recent stories on the stadium and that provides a bit more balanced approach to San Diego's Ballpark debate.

Seattle Projects

First and Goal/Seattle Seahawks Stadium Group First and Goal is the group overseeing the construction of a new football stadium and exhibition center at the southern end of Seattle's Central Business District. This project, to cost upwards of $425 million, will be financed by a combination of public and private funds. See the sight for details.

Washington State Public Stadium Authority Home Page. The public authority overseeing the construction of the new $425 million football/soccer stadium has this home page. A site that details the project history (though now with the intrigue that really surrounded the project), shows the construction calendar, and had many other project details (financing, EIS's, etc.)

The Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District. The public authority overseeing the construction of the $350(?) million baseball-only stadium maintains this page. Again, many detaisl of the project are included on the site (but I have yet to find any mention of the projected total cost anywhere on the site!).

Broward County Arena Page (The National Car Rental Center). Suburban Broward County has lured the NHL's Panthers from downtown Miami with the promise of a new $200 million arena that they do not have to share with the NBA's Heat. The Sun-Sentinel takes look at the arena and details the history of this project.

Conseco Fieldhouse Home Page (Indianapolis). Opening in 1999, this arena will house the NBA's Pacers in a facility to replace the venerable (but economically obsolete) Market Square Arena. A facility that "combines old time ambience [sic] with modern amenities" (Camden Yards anyone?), The Con will contain 69 luxury boxes, 2,400 club seats, and other features to insure that the Pacers can pay the skyrocketing salaries of the NBA.

Canal Park in Akron, Ohio. Opening the summer of 1998, Canal Park is a minor league version of a major league model: the stadium as downtown redevelopment tool. A beautiful new facility located in downtown Akron, this stadium is deemed by the local Beacon Journal, "the heart of downtown, the soul of a city". An exceptional example of the "pro-stadium" argument in minor league form.

The San Bernadino Stadium Home Page . A page devoted to the new baseball stadium being constructed in San Bernadino, California. The new facility will be home to the San Bernadino Stampede baseball club. This page is maintained by the construction manager of the stadium project, Bob Matich.

The Durham Bulls Stadium Home Page . A very nice page discussing the financing and development of the Durham Bulls baseball stadium in Durham, North Carolina. Also included are several pictures of the ballpark.

Anti-Stadium Pages

USFANS (United Sports Fans of America). While not exactly an "anti-stadium" group, USFANS "is a powerful, proactive, national association of sports fans aimed at improving the quality of spectator sports in America." This group is attempting to become an advocacy group for fans of professional team sports, including pushing for lowering the costs of these sports for fans.

COST: Citizens Opposed to Stadium Taxes. A group whose single goal is "the seperation of Sports and State". This group is fighting a new baseball stadium in San Diego. They have researched their subject well, leveraging a great deal of evidence against the view that suggests that stadiums make "economic sense" for cities.

Field of Schemes. A web site that accompanies the nice book of the same name (published by Common Courage Press) by journalists Joanna Cagan and Neil deMause. The book and the web site discuss the public financing of sports facilities and the rationale (or lack thereof) behind this common scenario. Included is a "Sports Swindle Ticker" that keeps the web community up to date on the most recent sports projects.

Stadium Issues by GAGME. GAGME (Grassroots Against Government-Mandated Entertainment) is a Minnesota based group fighting the new St. Paul arena and any plans for a new baseball/football stadium in Minneapolis.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) Stadium Page. ILSR "is a nonprofit research and educational organization that provides technical assistance and information on environmentally sound economic development strategies." They too are tracking public money spent on sports facilities while crusading for saving this money or spending it elsewhere.

Personal Stadium Pages

The Seattle Staydium Home Page. William Ayers has developed an informative and nicely presented home page discussing the "saga" of the city of Seattle's new baseball only ballpark. Another Must See.

Damian's World Stadium Home Page. This page provides information on English Football (Soccer) stadiums with very nice pictures.

The Amsterdam Arena Page Two Ajax Amsterdam fans introduce visitors to the old and new sports stadia in that Dutch city. A guided tour of the new Amsterdam Arena is provided in both Dutch and English.

Other Useful Stadia Related Links

Stadium Seating Information . This page has a comprehensive listing of stadia and arenas throughout the United. Provided are seating charts and other information on each facility.

The Yahoo Stadium Directory . This is your one-stop shopping source for home pages having to with stadiums and arenas.

Stadium of the Month: Baltimore's PSI-Net Stadium


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