About Somasundaram (சோமசுந்தரத்தைப் பற்றிய விபரம்)

Welcome to Thayumanasamy Somasundaram's [aka Soma's] homepage on Mailer! I am the Director of the Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography Facility at the Kasha Laboratory, Institute of Molecular Biophysics. I am a 12-month non-tenured faculty at Florida State University with a title of Research Associate. I have been at FSU since 1993. In this website you will find information about my professional work and personal interests.

Professional (சோமசுந்தரம் வேலை விபரம்)

I am responsible for the day to day operation of the X-Ray Facility including teaching graduate students, post-docs, and staff how to collect, process, and interpret macromolecular x-ray diffraction and scattering data. I maintain and upgrade the hardware and software on XRF Instruments and XRF Computers. I also maintain and update the X-Ray Facility & Institute websites. I serve as a safety officer for Kasha Lab and coordinate safety training for members of the Institute with FSU Safety Office.

Personal (சோமசுந்தரம் விருப்பஙகள்)

I am actively involved with the FSU international community through FSU-CGE's program called Global Ambassadors. I am the current President of India Association of Tallahassee, a FL non-profit organization promoting Indian culture and heritage among citizens of Tallahassee. I am one of the co-founders of the Tallahassee Tamil Sangam (டலஹாசி தமிழ் சங்கம்) TTS (old) & TTS (new) that is dedicated to teaching and spreading Tamil language (தமிழ் மொழி) among American-born children of Tamil loving people (தமிழர்கள்). I am the Chairman-Elect of the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee (ACT), a cultural organization that aims to unite people from various Asian countries and promote awareness of Asian culture, heritage, and arts throughout the greater Leon county. I was a member of the Complete Count Committee of the just completed Sunshine Census 2010 which was Flordia's 2010 Census.

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