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Doctoral Program in Economics


The economics department at Florida State University is the largest economics department in the State University System of Florida, and is the only one to be rated as "exemplary" by the most recent BOR state-wide review.  The department specializes in several fields of applied microeconomics, public choice, and more recently, experimental economics.  There are 4 eminent scholars in the department, each with ties to interdisciplinary research centers.  The department admits a relatively small number of doctoral students each year, the majority of which are on departmental funding, with the focus on mentoring students through the transition from student to researcher. Our faculty work closely with our students and often produce co-authored publications. The majority of our students spend at least some time as research assistants supported by funding provided by one of the research centers, and our most promising students frequently choose to work with one of our eminent scholars as their dissertation supervisor.

Research Centers