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Van K. Brock Florida Poetry Series. The most recent winner is Mia Leonin, for Unraveling the Bed (2008), her second book from Anhinga Press. It is reviewed with a selection of poems in the American Cuban issue of

Flavia has had several stories published with complementary black and white collages by artist John Digby: see above right. The most recent is Fabulosae Aves, her text for Digby's birds is fabulous, and a poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Digby has asked her to translate more poets for his drawings. She is now back in Rio.

We returned to Fayetteville, Arkansas, in September from Rio de Janeiro and enjoyed the Ozarks fall foliage.

My essay, "A Poetics of an Outsider," with five poems, appeared in Southern Quarterly: 44 / 4 (Summer 2007).

I am revising Poems Swimming Underwater: Histories, and finishing poems called, How I Started the World: for Ravi and Mira . . . I still work on memoirs, Wanderings: Tesserae & Mosaics.

"Apalachee" (my poem on North Florida, from The Hard Essential Landscape) is in Natural Florida, in Word, Image, and Deed. a multimedia CD-ROM free to Florida teachers, schools, and nature centers.

The Good Harvest (review of Lightered: New and Selected Poems for NEW LETTERS. My Kansas City Writers Place Reading was recorded by New Letters on the Air. See my poems about America's war criminals in OMEGA 6

Poet Hector Contreras has written about and translated from my work. We read in Delicias, Chihuahua in 2006.

"Scents of the Absolute," an essay-review of Anthony Molino's translation, Echoes of Memory: Selected Poems of Lucio Mariani, was in Literary Imagination (Fall 2005)

My recent readings were at Nightbird Books and, in September 2007 at the Ozark Poets and Writers Cooperativein Fayetteville. October 2006 at Arkansas State University, November at University of North Florida and Valdosta State University, and December 1 at the Florida State University Pepper Center. Spring 2006, I taught"The Minimal Poem" at the University of Arizona Poetry Center. An enjoyable, talented group.

Lightered: New and Selected Poems, AMAZON, Anhinga Press or SPD Books $18 (see New Letters)

Lightered: New and Selected Poems [hardcover with jacket] ISBN 0-938078-89-5 ..$28. (is available only here or at Anhinga Press)

Unspeakable Strangers: Poems about the Holocaust, Amazon, Anhinga Press, SPD Books $12......

............................ Signed copies are available from me by check ($3.00 for shipping.)