This is my professional web home. I have created another site to showcase a sample of the photographs I took during the recent years. You can click here to access my photographic site.

My book Urban Remote Sensing was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2011, and another book Mapping from Remote Sensor Imagery was published by the CRC Press in January 2013. And the information on my other book projects is posted here.

If you are looking for my course materials please click here. MSGIS students who plan to take GISci Capstone in Summer 2014 should review the instruction and course materials I post here.

I currently serve as Graduate Director for FSU Geography Department (Dec. 21, 2011-Dec. 20, 2014). Perspective students who seek admission and financial support from FSU Geography graduate programs should pay attention on the relevant materials posted at our departmental website. Any further questions after reviewing the materials there should direct to myself.

I am a tenured Full Professor at the Department of Geography, Florida State University. My research and teaching interests include but are not limited to the following major areas:

  • Remote sensing and digital image processing
  • GIS-based spatial analysis, modeling, and visualization
  • Urban ecology and land change science
  • Coastal ecosystems, watershed and environmental modeling
  • Applied geomorphology and geo-hazards
  • China

Please feel free to look around my site to learn more about my professional activities. Thank you for visiting my cyber home!

Xiaojun Yang
Department of Geography
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL32306-2190, U.S.A.
Tel: 850-644-8379
Fax: 850-644-5913
Email: xyang@fsu.edu
URL: Http://myweb.fsu.edu/xyang

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